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jacaylku waa wax jiroo laga maarmine allahayaw na waafhi wixii jacayl mudan   .My name is Ali Ahmed GULIED. I am twelve years old and I go to Hargeisa every day to sell milk from our goats in Hargeisa market. I live in a village called Toon which is about 10 miles form Hargeisa. My father was killed in the bombing near Hargeisa where we were hiding. The milk is our only daily income. Otherwise we sell a goat when things are worst in the dry season when goats have less milk. I would like to go to school but our schools were also bombed and never been re-built. My two brothers and sister have also never been to school."

"We used to have a nice house and were living a good way but the house was destroyed, our assets and all our property was looted when father died. My mother is the only one that works for us and as the elder son I take the milk to the town every day. We now live in 'Aqual' (Somalia Traditional Hut) which is cold in winter and leaks when it rains. One day things may get better for us Insha Allah. Wait can I ask you a question?" called Ahmed, "I left one of our goats sick this morning have you good any medicine to treat it?"

waxaa wax ka qoray qoraaga wayn ee bile dheere

LA yaabka Duunka

Sheeko Run ah

Waa maxay Sheeko Ama Sheekooyin ?

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